5 Easy Budget Friendly Outdoor DIY’s

“My goal is not to shove information into your head. It’s to find ways to reignite the curiosity that we all had as children for the natural world. You don’t have to tell a child to explore the backyard.”

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    Simple updates like adding some planters, coloured mulch, a fresh coat of paint on your door, or washing and staining your deck, go a long way towards the outside appearance of your home.

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  • Enjoy the space you live in, inside and out.

    With the beautiful weather here, most of us just want to spend more time outside, perhaps having a cold one on a patio somewhere, or heading to the lakefront to soak in some sun.  But for those days that you just don’t want to stroll so far from home, why not make the most of your own outdoor space and create a place that you really can enjoy.

    Upgrading your backyard, patio, or deck doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Whether you make your yard kid friendly or create an adult’s paradise, here are some budget friendly ideas to help you love your outdoor space.

    1. Set the mood: As the sun goes down, lights are a welcome addition to any yard. Not only are they functional from a safety perspective, but they also make everyone look fabulous in photos.
    2. Add something that’s alive: Grab some soil, pots, and flowers and create some container plants for a dash of colour and life.  Or, if your lawn isn’t looking super vibrant pick up some grass seed and turf builder and make sure to water your lawn often to create a lush look.
    3. Bring the inside out: Adding some patio furniture and accessories like an outdoor rug or some pillows create a welcoming space to sit back and relax in.
    4. Be thrilled by the grill: Summer is the time for BBQ, whether it’s a juicy steak or that delicious Portobello mushroom. But it might be time to retire your grill tools.  The most important one is your grill brush.  Throw away that wire brush; it can be hazardous to your health. Instead try a nylon bristle, crumpled tin foil, or a stainless steel pot scrubber.
    5. Don’t forget your sense of hearing: Music sets the mood whether you’re relaxing in your hammock or enjoying a barbecue with friends. If installing outside speakers is too much of a commitment for you, set yourself up with a Bluetooth® speaker so you can stream your favourite playlists.

    If you want some help with decorating your outdoor space so you can thoroughly enjoy it this season contact House Coach at 647-618-9845.


    Your ROI for yard work can be between 100% – 200%.

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