Staging is more than making a property look pretty; it is about MARKETING your property to its fullest potential.

It is estimated that only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home.

That means 90% are not going to be able to look past dirt, clutter, and imperfections. At House Coach we concentrate on three simple marketing steps;

  • Plan Ahead
  • Prepare your Property
  • Position and Showcase

At House Coach, our Mission is to provide the best marketing advice that will ensure that your property will stand out from the competition, sell faster and provide the highest return on your investment. 

We do this by using a stylish, warm, and budget-friendly design that captures the owners’ personal style.  We truly “Stage” your property in a unique way without making it look “Staged”!

Our Values

  • Integrity

    Say what you mean and mean what we say

  • Commitment

    Is what transforms a promise into reality

  • Passion

    To do great work is to love what you do

  • Excellence

    Is doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well