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Don’t Spook the Buyers

If one door closes and another one opens, your house is probably haunted.



Our Tips

Halloween happens one day of the year so why not decorate the day of and tear it down the very next day.   This way you can still join in on all the fun and maintain your reputation for being the coolest decked out house on the block!

Did you know?

It appears that Halloween celebrators enjoy decorations as much as they do candy and spend about $2.7 billion each year on Halloween décor.

As much as we love to play around with ghosts and goblins at this time of year, we never want to scare our clients!

So, we put together some useful tips you can use to keep your property looking it’s very best this Halloween:

Decorate For the Season

  • Instead of specifically decorating for Halloween choose to decorate for the season.
  • It is more appealing to be greeted with fall colours and décor than with ghost and goblins.

It Begins at The Front Door

  • Set the tone as you enter the house with a colourful fall planter on the front porch.
  • Choose fall foliage and seasonal fruit then add a cute pumpkin in the planter if space allows for it.

Keep It Warm and Cozy

  • With the weather changing and becoming chillier outside, potential homebuyers are looking for a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Create a cozy space by adding pops of deep reds and oranges with throw pillows and plush throws to sofas and chairs.

Keep your home at the top of the buyer’s mind and choose the right kind of décor for the season. Give House Coach a call today!


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