Downsizing & Decorating

Downsizing can feel a bit overwhelming and initially may feel challenging. On the other hand, downsizing your home offers the opportunity to surround yourself with only the things you cherish and to try something new!

House Coach can alleviate the stress and anxiety by providing recommendations that will provide a fresh and cozy new look.

Services offered include;

  • Onsite visit; provide a design plan
  • Furniture and décor recommendations; integrate the old with the new
  • Space maximization; provide a functional room layout
  • Colour mapping; co-coordinate colors, fabrics and finishes
  • Sourcing; items that will complement with a consistent harmonious look throughout
  • Finishing touches; decorate and bring it all together

Remember, downsizing is a new journey in your life. Have fun with it, enjoy it, and make it your dream home!