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Feng Shui – The Perfect Balance in Design!

Feng Shui – The Perfect Balance in Design!

APRIL | … the official day of the Spring Equinox is March 21st however April is the month that truly symbolizes “balance”. Spring represents moving forward, stability and growth, new life, new beginnings, and new paths!

Yin and Yang is the foundation of the Feng Shui philosophy that incorporates the practice of a balanced, harmonious interior design. Integrating this concept will help fill your house with a positive energy flow and create a relaxing, calm atmosphere.

Yin design characteristics include; circular shapes, rounded edges, darker more muted colours, low level furniture, upholstered furniture, fabrics/textures, carpeting and area rugs, smaller detailed prints, soft window coverings.

Yang design characteristics include; bright lighting, whites and bright colours, angular furniture and accessories, squared corners, bold feature walls, large patterns, and striking objects.

The key is to strike the right balance of both Yin and Yang characteristics in every room. Yang elements will make the space feel more active, whereas Yin elements will promote a more relaxing atmosphere. This means some areas should have more yin or yang energies based on their function within the home.

Here are a few examples how to incorporate Feng Shui into your home. 

  • Use Round objects.  Circles represent harmony and unity.  Ways to apply this in design; round dining or coffee tables, ottomans, vases, round edged chairs or lamps
  • Keep the balance.  Reflective elements provide a sense of energy and life in the space.  Mirrors, metals and glass objects mixed with woods and natural textiles are examples that will demonstrate balance.
  • Place your favorite things above eye level.  A beautiful painting hung will draw the eye upward or a stunning light fixture that rises above the rest of the space is considered a significant mood boost.
  • Provide extra lighting in darker locations. Light activates energy therefore, in Feng Shui all areas of the room must have access to light.  Overhead lighting, table and floor lamps will ignite a calmness of energy in each room.

Bedroom and Bathrooms needs the relaxing Yin energy (think relaxation, sensuality and sleep) in order to heal, so removing all elements in the bedroom such as the TV, the exercise equipment, or any office items will provide the calming atmosphere.

Your family room, living room, home office, and kitchen are definitely spaces that will benefit from a strong presence of Yang energy. Choose vibrant colors, lively music, and a variety of décor items to create an active quality of energy (happy family photos, bright books, fun games, etc.).

Having a harmonious balance of both Yin and Yang Feng Shui in your home will create the quality of energy you need in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life.


Feng Shui Optimal Color Palette For 2021

  • Blue – personifies calmness, communication, spirituality
  • Red – invigorates energy, attracts wealth and luck
  • Brown – attracts care
  • Green – activates monetary luck, peace, balance, healing
  • Purple –  is the color of wealth, high spirituality
  • Yellow – activates creative luck
  • Black  – is the color of strength, especially when paired with red
  • Orange – attracts knowledge and wisdom

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