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Homework Station 101!

Homework | practice at home (outside of school) of important and relevant life and other academic skills.

Whether your kids are going back to school virtually, part-time, or full-time, it is important to set them up for serious Back-to-School SUCCESS by making a dedicated homework station especially designed for them. 

However, before you start re-arranging your home and head out to your local IKEA store, think about where and how you will cultivate a learning space that works for your child. Everyone’s at-home school needs are unique, however, common themes do emerge. You’ll likely want to create an area that is quiet and away from other distractions for solving tricky math equations or rehearsing a French accent with newly acquired vocabulary. And don’t forget an organized spot for participating in Zoom classes with a sturdy desktop and electrical access!

Top 3 things to consider when setting up your child’s learning environment

  • Choose a space that’s light and bright.  Why? Because an area that’s light and bright will feel more energizing — for both you and your kids. Depending on their age and how much assistance they require, this spot could be in a communal place (think kitchen or family room) or at a desk in their own room.
  • Separate work and play.  Even if located in a common setting, by carving out a dedicated area for learning, you will provide kids a clear message about what’s expected to take place there.
  • Remember vertical space — and use it wisely. For those of us who are short on square footage, vertical space is your friend. Don’t forget to use the walls! Think about bookshelves, floating shelves, wall-mounted bins and organizers … the options are endless, plus you get more storage without taking up valuable real estate!

If you need assistance creating that perfect “homework station”, call House Coach today and we will bring it all together.


Shared below are 5 tips that will make setting up a kid’s homework station easy and stress-free!

  • Choose a Quiet Location
  • Ask Your Child What They Need
  • Get rid of the Clutter
  • Set the Routine
  • Create a Calming Environment

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