It’s time to go back to the future!

If we listen to the past, we’ll understand who we are. If we look to the future, we’ll see who we may become. If we believe in today, we’ll plant rainbows for tomorrow.”

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    Think outside of the box.  When decorating your home, open your mind to exploring new colours, shapes and styles, you will be surprised how it will fulfill you.

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  • How to find your design style.

    Over the holiday season I was away on a Caribbean cruise. I was able to wind down, enjoy friendship, get some sun, appreciate good food and décor on the ship, and enjoy all of the stunning landscapes on each island.

    What I have learned over time in design is that the concept is the same in any form of art; man made or nature made.  Whether it’s through clothing design, home décor, or simply the natural beauty of our planet, it all inspires me.

    When it comes to design and decorating, whether it is in the past or present, I utilize all the different shapes, colours, and styles of art to create a memory bank of images that will assist and influence me moving forward.  Each year brings new decorative projects.  To assist with creating a new or updated style for the future, I reflect back to my library of memories and filter through what I liked previously, then combine it with the styles I currently like.  What I like to recommend to my clients when renovating a home either for decorating for sale or for living in, is to understand what appealed to them in the past and what sparks interest in the present, as this will aspire us to create what they will like in the future.

    Remember, we cannot predict what the future will bring or change our choices from the past, however, we can learn and grow from what we have seen and appreciate what we like now to enhance what is to come.

    So with everything you do, live in the present, cherish all that life has to offer, and appreciate what life has in store for us.  As I dive into another year of staging and design, my vision is to remember what I have seen throughout my travels and life experiences and implement this into my new ventures moving forward.
    Here is to a fantastic year ahead!


    Experiments at Stanford showed participants who felt awe, felt they had more time available, were less impatient, more willing to volunteer their time to help others, strongly preferred experiences over material products, and experienced greater life satisfaction. These changes in decision making and well-being were due to awe’s ability to alter the subjective experience of time. Experiences of awe bring people into the present moment, and being in the present underlies awe’s capacity to adjust time perception, influence decisions, and make life feel more satisfying than it would otherwise.

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