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New Year, New Build

Marriage is a compromise, and so are renovations.

~Candice Olson

Our Tips

Stay calm and create realistic goals for your year ahead!  Try to avoid cliché resolutions that could prevent you from achieving your overall objectives!

Did you know?

The actual national average price for homes sold in the fall was up by 5.8 % from last year
– provided by CREA

Well friends, we made it!  It’s a new year and we’re ready to get 2020 off to a great start.

In celebration of the New Year, House Coach has something exciting to share with you!  Last year, we began working and collaborating with a fantastic builder on one of his latest builds.

We love working on new builds and we especially love when we can take part in the design of the home from the very beginning.

  1. It starts with the exterior; selecting the colour of the stone and brick, the eavestroph / trim, light fixtures and doors. The external selections sets the tone and creates the story within. With this house we decided to go with the warmer tones in the brick and accented with black.
  2. The interior design starts with the carpentry of the crown moulding, doors, trim and built-ins.  Each house has its own unique style and flare.  When you have 10 foot ceilings, it is easy to create a grand look so selecting the right elements is key.
  3. Moving along comes the kitchen.  We decided to go with a streamline white cabinet then contrasting with a dark oak wood island.   We then finished it off with a gorgeous granite countertop.
  4. Choosing the tile and wood flooring was a breeze.   We went with medium brown stain for the wood floor throughout the home and added subtle features within the tiles in the bathrooms to carry the story throughout the house.
  5. To make the house shine, we decided to add gold as a finishing touch for the light fixtures providing a warm inviting atmosphere throughout the home.

As with any new build, it takes time and patience to complete. When you have the right team working together it makes the transition from start to finish run a lot smoother.

If you’re considering starting your home from scratch and need expert advice on pulling it all together, give House Coach a call today.

Happy New Year and Happy New Build everyone!

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Zamal Hossain
Managing Director
Albion Building Consultant Inc.

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