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“I tried that decluttering trend where you hold each thing you own and throw it out if it doesn’t give you joy. So far I’ve thrown out all the vegetables and the electric bill.”

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    October 1st is “National Seniors Day” so take a moment that day to show respect and gratitude for the older adults in your life. Simply say, “thank you”, take a walk together, cook a meal together, or treat them to a day out.

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    Looking to downsize and need advice for your new home?  Call House Coach today and receive $100 off your initial decorating consultation.  We love and welcome referrals.  Share our promotion with your friends who are downsizing to a new home and you will receive a $50 gift card to Lowes.

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  • Making your old home your dream home

    At some point, we realize the family house may be too large, with rooms being utilized only for storage of things we rarely use.  Or the property is too much to maintain comfortably and in short the house is just not the right fit for our changing lifestyle. Making significant transitions is not just for seniors, it can also be for empty nesters, or early retirement as well.

    The process of downsizing and moving to a different living space can be overwhelming. But downsizing or “rightsizing” your home offers the opportunity to clean out the cobwebs, rid ourselves of long ago forgotten things, and open ourselves to all the possibilities that come with a new chapter in our lives.

    House Coach can assist with downsizing and decorating.  Services we provide are;

    • Staging to sell
    • Onsite visits
    • Furniture and décor recommendations and how to integrate the old with the new
    • Space maximization
    • Paint selection and colour mapping that will co-ordinate colours, fabrics, and finishes
    • Sourcing new items to complement your current décor
    • Adding the finishing touches to bring it all together

    Remember, downsizing your home is a new journey in your life, let House Coach show you the way to have fun  and enjoy it and make your next home your new dream home!


    Research reveals people make a sub-conscious judgement about an environment or product withing 90 seconds of initial viewing.  Between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on colour alone.

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