Staging is a 3 Step Process


A House Coach Staging designer will meet with you to do a “walk thru” to assess the market appeal of the property while viewing and evaluating its existing condition, inside and out, room by room – just as a buyer would. During the walk thru, we will compile detailed notes and take before pictures to provide a reference point. An evaluation summary for each room will be outlined with pre-staging recommendations and suggestions of how we can enhance and highlight their property’s best features.

Preparing for Staging

There are often some pre-staging items and minor repairs that need to be tended to before the property is staged and market ready. Some Property Owners opt to do the work themselves, however, should you prefer to have a professional trade’s person complete the work, House Coach can refer trusted suppliers and contractors or, act as a liaison for the Property Owner and make arrangements on their behalf.


While staging your home, we aim to; optimize the function of the space by way of furniture placement, ensure that the flow within each room is accomplished, enhance the focal point of each room, by using featured art & accessories, create a fresh and modern ambiance through using different sources of lighting and furnishing, provide lifestyle elements in each room, giving it that finishing touch.

Every property is unique, large or small, vacant or occupied. In an occupied we will focus on using existing furnishings wherever possible, or in a vacant property we will bring in furnishings that will compliment the property and the demographic it is targeting, while enhancing with accessories and lifestyle elements to showcase the property as a “move in ready” home.